Tears of Joy #Q198

Like a sponge my heart has absorbed emotions and
experiences I’ve gathered and read about all these years.
Even when the brain silences me, and my feelings it shuns,
the sponge withstands not and drains itself as tears.


Sorrow #Q181

“This too shall pass. A new light will grace you morrow.”
Words of cheer strive to lift you from the abyss.
Chronic or ephemeral, dark is the cloud of sorrow.
The art it inspires has no feeling amiss.

I Love You #Q143

Are they the words that Gibran spoke of
which you so tell your parents, friends and better half?
Words that say less, but mean a lot –
of feelings of the heart that can’t be bought.


Note: The Kahlil Gibran reference is to one of his famous quotes which goes “We shall never understand one another until we reduce the language to seven words.” It is not known what those “seven words” are. I personally think they are “A: I love you. B: I love you too.” 🙂