What is PQ365?

The first time I wrote a random rhyme in the name of poetry and showed it to my school principal and my English teacher, both of them said, “Good. Keep writing.” A few years later, when I looked back at what I had written, I was surprised they didn’t chide me for my “poetry”. That’s when I realized the meaning of motivation. It’s this motivation from them and my taking their words a bit seriously that made me pursue a career closely associated with language and literature despite having a Bachelors’ degree in computer science.

It’s when I started doubting my capabilities that I came across this wonderful comic by Gavin Aung Than (the creator of Zen Pencils). One of the panels in it says “Do a huge volume of work”. That’s exactly what I intend to do with Project Quatrain 365 (PQ365). The aim is to write a quatrain a day on different topics for 365 consecutive days. I know it’s quite a challenge, especially for a person like me. But yes, this is my first step towards achieving some kind of discipline towards maintaining a habit. Hope I don’t falter this time, and hope my writing matures by at least 1% at the end of the 365 days.

Special mention and thanks to Ms. Ranjani (aka) @_tharkuri here. Though the idea of writing a quatrain a day had been on my mind for quite some time now, it’s her 365 project that gave the idea a shape and inspired me to take it up seriously.

Thinking Tamil Cinema – That’s Ranjani’s 365 project. I’m sure any open-minded Tamil cinema enthusiast would love it.

That’s it. Hope I can learn as well as teach people many things through PQ365.

-Vinay (@WhatteKarvaad)

PS: Strictly following the advice of my school teachers, I’ve been writing a lot of poems — close to 150 now. You can read them here.

You can read my prosaic writing here and here.


11 thoughts on “What is PQ365?

  1. Hi Vinay,
    It’s an amazing effort, I must say. In have recently developed a thing for poetry. Blame it on my inexperience with the verses or my increased association with ‘all things kids’, but I love poetry ‘with rhymes’. And your quatrains have that rhyme and ring to them.
    It’s a tough resolve to be writing everyday of the year; the least I can do is, read them everyday.

    • Thanks a lot for your kind words, StoryTellingMom (I did check out the bio in your blog to see if I can find a name. Couldn’t. So pardon me for using the display name. :D)

      It’s indeed tough to maintain regularity with respect to this blog, considering everyday commitments and other stuff. But I’m just trying my best to keep it going.

    • And whoa! Mentoring from me. That’s so overwhelming, StoryTellingMom. I’m flattered. I will certainly have a look at your blog and give you my two cents. These would just be my personal suggestions based on whatever little I’ve learnt so far. And there’s still a lot more left to learn. 🙂

      • Of course. I value your two cents or from anyone, for that matter. Even I am a fresher into this art. I have been into nursery rhymes for long, And I still love writing them. But often the grown-up part of me indulges into ‘poetry’, if you can call it so.

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