Motivation #Q205

“Lack” of it or “lakh” of it – a single letter can change a life.
The former will easily kill a spark; the latter will make it rife.
Many a dream has gone in vain, thanks to words that sowed doubt.
Had Sachin heard such cynical words, he’d have been long out.


On the Surface #Q204

What are faces and expressions? They are but transient masks.
Some salutations and pleasantries are but feeling-less words.
Man’s truths dwell deep. Who fathoms and asks?
Most like superficial sweetness and bother not to see inwards.

To Sri Lanka #Q197

You took their lands; you took their dignity; you thought not twice when you took their lives.
You hurled bombs on them; you torched their homes; you killed them with mines besides poisoning their airs.
You didn’t spare little kids, nor innocent civilians; you raped their sisters; you raped their wives.
Doesn’t unbearable remorse penetrate your hearts as much as your bullets pierced through theirs?