Current Affairs #Q124

A delicious candle-light dinner,
and a walk under silver moonlight –
An absolute romantic winner
on a dark, powerless night.

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Philosophy #Q123

There are thoughts of renunciation at a corporate meeting,
where materialism is upheld and spiritualism takes a beating.
Questions of life and purpose do exist strong.
As the mind tries to discern if this way of life is right or wrong.

Ishoo Wedding #Q121

Listen to each other’s heart
On this lifelong journey you’re going to start.
Vacate egos from your mind.
Easy it isn’t to find love of this kind.

Note: Iyshwarya, one of the good people I got to know through Twitter, is getting married tomorrow. I had attended her wedding reception along with a few other Twitter friends. Wrote this quatrain for the couple. If you have been following PQ365 regularly, you’d realize that this quatrain follows the same acrostic pattern as this one. Well, was in a hurry to write the quatrain in time. That’s why. Anyway, once again wishing Ishoo and Seshoo a very very happy married life! 🙂

Town of War #Q116

The beach is really distant, so we are content with our lake.
Biriyani and bajjis fill us up, so we don’t need your steak.
A thousand years ago here, the mighty Pallavas waged wars.
Till date, the battle continues with bikes, buses, and cars.

Note: Porur, a little place in sub-urban Chennai, is where I lived all my life till I moved to BengaLuru in 2011. “Porur”, which is split as “pOr + oor” in Tamil, literally means ‘place of war’. 600-116 is Porur’s PIN code. So, 116 will always stay close to my heart, reminding me of my first home.