Bowling #Q134

Spheres of different weights we’re supposed to roll.
When they fall in the gutters, they naughtily troll.
The aim is to fell all the ten white pins.
I played it once and have been hooked to it since.


ThirukkuRaL #Q133

Half a score couplets each on hundred and thirty three topics,
which for “morality”, “wealth”, and “joy” serve as eternal yardsticks.
Little do we know about the identity of their writer.
Two millenniums have passed, but its light keeps shining brighter.

Note: ThirukkuRaL is the name of a Tamil text composed more than 2,000 years ago. It has a total of 1,330 couplets (10 couplets on 133 different topics). These are crisp and to the point. The message of this text has stood the test of time, and that’s the outstanding sign of its greatness. There’s more to say about it and I’m at a loss of words. You can browse the entire text (Tamil original and English translation) here.