Losing Touch #Q74

I miss you more than words can say.
I think of you every night and day.
Our memories stay fresh like the morning dew.
Do you have a fit of cough when I think of you?


Four #Q71

As many directions as lines in this verse,
as many letters in that F-word used to curse,
as many chambers inside the heart that pumps,
as many seasons through which nature stumps.

Twitter Fights #Q68

In the name of debate, they spew sly insult
and are more annoying than bots.
Clever folks dodge the stones they pelt,
for the place is full of bigots.


Note: This is a quatrain I wrote on @_tharkuri‘s demand. Since she’s a dutiful friend/sister, she notifies me immediately whenever there’s a fight between people on Twitter. And I have a good laugh reading the tweets. 😀